Bianchi E-allroad Ultegra - size 57 EH09

Bianchi E-allroad Ultegra - size 57 EH09

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Explore every back road and gravel track with ease, the Bianchi Impulso E-Allroad combines a performance Ultegra equipped all road machine with the powerful assistance of Bianchi's Polini system to make an all day epic a reality for everyone. Equipped with massive 40c tyres and the tyre clearance to go with them, the Bianchi Impulso E-Allroad doesn't shy away from getting rough and ready, yet still offers a great ride on the tarmac. The polini EP3 system with a large 500Wh battery pack provides extra power and torque to claw you way up gravel climbs and push along the tarmac at a fair pace. RRP: 4299€


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